03/30/2005 Jokin Leizaola (Venezula)

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03/30/2005 Jokin Leizaola (Venezula)

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Member of the Basque centre in Caracas injured by Shark

Jokin Leizaola was surfing when he was bitten on his leg by a shark.

The member of the Basque centre Jokin Leizaola come under attack by a shark last Friday when he was surfing in Punta Caracas, a place near the tourist resort Los Caracas.

"It was half past five in the evening when I got bitten by a barracuda or a shark; I truly did not see what attacked me. I felt a great pain in the leg...when I saw the wound, I tried to swim faster to the shore to avoid another attack", Leizaola told the newspaper El universal.

He thinks he was about ten metres far from the shore, he could not touch bottom and the water was colder than usual. Leizaola was attended at once. He received fifty stitches and was taken to the Caracas hospital where he is hospitalized. He was given antibiotics to avoid an infection. He is wound to be operated in the next few days to heal the wound caused by the animal.

According to one of the doctors who is fond of underwater fishing, the animal which bit Jokin Leizaola could be a shark.

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