11/22/2019 - Andrew Page - Australia *** Fatal ***

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11/22/2019 - Andrew Page - Australia *** Fatal ***

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Man whose leg washed up on beach following gruesome 'shark attack' pictured
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Australian authorities have confirmed that a leg found washed up on a New South Wales beach belonged to Andrew Page, 48, a diver and suspected shark attack victim.

This is the first picture of a man whose leg washed up on an Australian beach following a suspect shark attack.

Authorities on Sunday confirmed the leg belonged to Andrew Page, 38, an experienced diver from Queensland, three weeks after he went missing on November 22.

Mr Page failed to surface following a free dive with friends last month off the coast of Elliott Heads near Bundaberg.

Friends of Mr Page immediately alerted emergency services after he disappeared.

Marine police and volunteer rescuers in Queensland extended their search as far as 350 nautical miles away from where Mr Page disappeared.

The search, however, was scaled back on November 27 and eventually called off on November 29 - seven days after the victim went missing.

More than three weeks later, a human leg washed up on North Beach at Mylestom, just south of Coffs Harbour on the NSW north coast, more than 750km (466 miles) away from where Mr Page vanished.

New South Wales started its investigation on December 17, with forensic analysis last night confirming the leg belonged to Mr Page.

A report will be prepared for the coroner.

Local media outlet 9 News reported that police investigating the leg found on the beach was likely the victim of a shark attack.

Mr Page’s parents Robert and Colleen spoke about their son after emergency services were forced to call the search off late last month.

“We can’t be certain what has happened to Drew,” they said.

“We believe he may have got tangled in the line after spearing a big fish and was dragged.

“There was no sign of injury or struggle in the water.

“An experienced free-diver and spearfisherman, Drew’s heart belonged to the ocean. He used to say his gills were drying up whenever he was away from the water for too long.

“We take small comfort in knowing that he will never have to feel that again.”

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