06/01/2015 - Eddy Chaussalet - Reunion

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06/01/2015 - Eddy Chaussalet - Reunion

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A shark Bulldog 2.50 meters would be responsible for the attack on Port

According to preliminary evidence gathered by the authorities, it's a bull shark about 2.50 meters which would be responsible for the attack suffered by Eddy Chaussalet surfer of 47 years on Monday June 1st spot Folette at the Port. Analyses must be carried out on his board, which has bite marks, to confirm the information.
Moreover, fishing operations "targeted" which began late Monday afternoon in the area of ​​the attack have so far given nothing. They were launched as part of the Cape Sharks 2 program, whose deployment was anticipated 48 hours by the prefect after the attack.

"Fishing features, long lines were installed quickly by professional fishermen in the late afternoon. The operations are continuing today under the coordination of the fisheries committee, two boats are overlapped, one of port and the other of Saint-Gilles, "said Nicolas Le Bianic, responsible for the management of shark risk to the prefecture.

If they do not have the "post-attack", these operations serve a similar purpose, namely to attempt to capture the shark responsible for the attack suffered by Eddy Chaussalet. "According to the witness who witnessed the scene, it would be a Bulldog 2.50 meters," said Nicolas Le Bianic. "The expertise of the board will be conducted and should confirm it, since it has two very distinct bite marks," he adds.

An area at risk

Moreover, we know a little more about the conditions in which took place this new attack, the third since the beginning of the year . "The testimonies reveal that the water was dirty. It is at the entrance of a harbor, near the channel, so there are suspended solids, it is certain that it is a sector particularly at risk , "the official representative of the prefecture. "In addition there was a north swell, which increases the turbidity of the water," he says again.

Besides, according to some fishermen accustomed places, the site is "infested with sharks."

Monday 1 June, around 15 pm, Eddy Chaussalet confirmed surfer, was severely bitten on the left arm by a shark while he was surfing at the Folette spot, near the West Port . He was transferred to Félix Guyon Hospital of Saint-Denis, his prognosis is not engaged.

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