10/13/2011 Female ( Reunion ) *** Fatal ***

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10/13/2011 Female ( Reunion ) *** Fatal ***

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Shark-bitten Body found in Reunion Island

Helmut Nickel, Shark Year Magazine,

17. October 2011

On October 13, human remains were discovered floating in the water close to shore in La Possession, a commune which is located on the northwest side of Reunion Island.

The authorities retrieved a leg and a woman’s torso showing bite marks apparently caused by shark(s).

An autopsy conducted on October 14. confirmed that the body had been partly devoured by sharks. The victim has not been identified yet. But her death could have occurred within 24 hours preceding the discovery of the body.

DNA analysis and other tests to determine the cause of death will be conducted on the ‘mainland’.

Although it is not clear if the woman was killed in a shark attack, Roland Robert (the mayor of La Possession) has decided to ban all water activities until further notice.

http://sharkyear.com/2011/shark-bitten- ... sland.html
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