07/16/2010 Charlie Gauzer ( Texas )

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07/16/2010 Charlie Gauzer ( Texas )

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Texas fisherman bitten by shark off Galveston coast

A Texas fisherman is recovering Friday from injuries he sustained after he was bitten by a shark in the Texas coastal waters off Galveston, KPRC-TV reported.

Charlie Gauzer was fishing off Galveston Island when he said the shark approached his boat and bit down on his leg.

"I started to feel pain...I looked down and I had blood coming out of my leg," Gauzer said. The shark bit deeper into Gauzer's leg as the fisherman tried to escape.

"It was gashed pretty good, down to the bone," Gauzer said. The shark missed the artery but did severe Gauzer's Achilles tendon.

The attack on Gauzer is the second shark attack near Galveston's 8 Mile Road Beach in less than a month.

A surfer, injured by a shark bite at the end of June, required 60 stitches to repair the gash made by the shark.

"The problem with Galveston is, especially right now, is that the water is all stirred up and brown and it's hard to see," Gauzer said.

Galveston is located more than 50 miles southeast of Houston.

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