08/11/2009 Jeandre Nagel ( South Africa ) No Injury

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08/11/2009 Jeandre Nagel ( South Africa ) No Injury

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A great white shark ( ca. 2 - 2.5 metres long ) may have been responsible for knocking Jeandre Nagel off his bodyboard just off Alkantstrand beach in Richards Bay. He escaped uninjured.
(- tooth marks on the underside of the board -)

Updated Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Shark Bite

STORY: Tanya Waterworth

The teeth marks are clearly visible on Jeandre Nagel’s bodyboard

A great white shark may have been responsible for knocking a bodyboarder off his board just off Alkantstrand beach in Richards Bay on Tuesday.
Jeandre Nagel got the fright of his life when he was upended while paddling back towards the shore around lunchtime.
His mother, Amanda, said, ‘Jeandre was in the water, close to the ‘dolosse’ when he felt an extremely hard knock and was thrown off his board.
‘He grabbed the leash, got back onto the board and paddled as fast as he could until he reached the beach,’ she said.
A shocked Jeandre told a group of nearby surfers about the incident and then made his way to a nearby restaurant where he works.
The board had a row of deep tooth marks on the underside.
The Sharks Board was notified and Geremy Cliff from the Sharks Board in Durban said, ‘It certainly looks like a shark bite.
‘It could be a Great White, but we still need to examine the board closely, or, at the very least, get some indication of the scale to determine distances between adjacent teeth.’
He added that the estimated size of the shark, between 2 - 2,5 metres, indicates that it could have been a Great White.
‘I would need to see the board to be able to confirm the species.’ He also said ‘highly determined sharks may well execute a second bite. Others are possibly simply curious and the single quick bite satisfies their curiosity’.
The board was handed in to the Sharks Board Offices in Richards Bay on Friday morning, from where it will be sent to Durban for examination.
uMhlathuze City Director of Parks and Recreation, Ernst van Biljon, was not available for comment to confirm whether swimming at the beach had been temporarily banned after the incident.


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