08/01/2009 Chris Haynes ( Louisiana )

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Re: 08/01/2009 Chris Haynes ( Louisiana )

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Shark bite victim talks about frightening attack

By Marsha Thompson - bio | email

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - A Jackson businessman is recovering from a vicious shark bite.

Sixty-two-year-old Chris Haynes Jr. was fishing in knee-deep water Saturday off the Louisiana coast when aggressive sharks began circling him.

He began his story by saying "These seemed aggressive you know."

It happened without warning. Haynes told WLBT news Tuesday, "The first one bumped me, hit my leg, but didn't attempt to bite me. That's when I realized we needed to get back in the boat and then the second one when he came around he lit into me."

Haynes suffered a deep bite from what he believes was a large Bull shark. He was lucky his fishing buddies were close by and saw him go down. The attack could have turned into dire circumstances quickly, with Haynes helpless and bleeding in the water.

When ask how big the shark was, Haynes replied, "It was about a six to eight footer. He had a broad head. The cut starts up here and ends on my foot."

His friend Joe Gex and son Chris helped get the bleeding man quickly back to his boat, The Predator.

"That's not the place you want to be long, a lot of blood in the water. We were concerned the shark was going to come back if we didn't move fast," said Gex.

It was an intense situation. Other sharks were circling the area.

"The boat was probably 200 to 300 yards away... Get me in that boat. It was bleeding; blood excites sharks."

The fishermen were about 85 miles southwest of New Orleans. An emergency radio message was sent out. It was nearly an hour before a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter rescued him.

Haynes said he's fished in Breton Sound for years and the law of averages caught up with him.

When we asked if he would go back, Haynes said, "Yes I'm going back as soon as I heal up."

The Jackson businessman has already undergone two surgeries at the University of Mississippi Medical Center and has more to go, in addition to a skin graft.

http://www.wlbt.com/Global/story.asp?S= ... 9&nav=2CSf

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Re: 08/01/2009 Chris Haynes ( Louisiana )

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Jackson man bitten by shark off La. coast
56-year-old victim was hospitalized after attack in bay

Nicklaus Lovelady, August 3, 2009.

A Jackson business man remains hospitalized after surviving a shark attack over the weekend near Breton Island off the Louisiana coast.

Chris Haynes Jr., 56, was bitten Saturday on the foot as he and others fished in Breton Sound, a bay near the Gulf of Mexico and adjacent to the Mississippi River, said U.S. Coast Guard spokesman Petty Officer Tom Atkeson.

Haynes is the owner of Chris Haynes Electric Supply Inc in Jackson.

"Around 10 a.m. Saturday, we picked up a radio transmission from a vessel named the 'Predator' who reported someone on board was bitten by a shark," Atkeson said.

A Coast Guard boat stationed in Venice, La., and a rescue helicopter were dispatched to the boat.

A rescue crewman lowered to the boat brought Haynes up to the helicopter, which took him to New Orleans. An ambulance met the helicopter and took him to a hospital.

Atkeson said he does not know how the shark was able to attack the man. The shark did not damage the 30-foot recreational fishing boat Haynes was aboard.

The type of shark has not been identified, although lemon, bull and nurse sharks "are the most common sharks in the Gulf," Atkeson said.

Sophia Owen, a neighbor of Haynes, said he was fishing with his son at the time. She said Haynes was transported to University of Mississippi Medical Center on Sunday.

"They said they're going to be able to save the foot, but he has to have some extensive surgeries," Owen said.

According to National Geographic, there are 50 to 70 confirmed shark attacks each year around the world and up to 15 of those attacks are fatal.

Atkeson said one important lesson in this attack, which may have saved the man's life, was the marine radio device on board the boat.

"A lot of times, boaters will be in the Gulf or a remote waterway, and their cell phone doesn't get reception. A marine band radio is much more reliable and is likely to get picked up by rescuers," he said.

http://www.clarionledger.com/article/20 ... 4/1263/RSS

Special to The Clarion-Ledger<br /><br />Chris Haynes Jr. of Jackson, who was bitten by a shark on Saturday, is shown standing on the deck of The Predator, the boat he owns, during a recent fishing trip.
Special to The Clarion-Ledger

Chris Haynes Jr. of Jackson, who was bitten by a shark on Saturday, is shown standing on the deck of The Predator, the boat he owns, during a recent fishing trip.
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08/01/2009 Chris Haynes ( Louisiana )

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Coast Guard medevacs man bitten by shark in Breton Sound
by The Times-Picayune
Saturday August 01, 2009, 8:09 PM

A 56-year-old Mississippi man was bitten by a shark this morning while fishing in Breton Sound and had to be airlifted 65 miles to New Orleans, according to Coast Guard officials.

Coast Guard rescuers stationed in Venice received a radtio transmission from the motor vessel Predator at about 10 a.m. that a passenger aboard the vessel had been bitten by a shark.

Dispatchers notified Coast Guard Air Station New Orleans, which launched an MH-65C dolphin rescue helicopter and crew. The Coast Guard caught footage of a rescue swimmer being lowered down to the boat and later bringing the man up in a basket.

The helicopter arrived in New Orleans at about 11:40 a.m., and EMS transported the man, who is from Jackson, to a local hospital.

His condition is unknown.

http://www.nola.com/news/index.ssf/2009 ... bitte.html

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