06/22/2009 Unknown ( California )

Listing of the Shark Attack Related Incidents occurring in 2009. 2009 Shark Attacks
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06/22/2009 Unknown ( California )

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UPDATE: No beach advisories after surfer bite because source is unconfirmed

Cal Fire officials said Monday that no beach advisories will be posted after a surfer was hurt off of Shell Beach in what has been suspected as a bite by a small shark or other marine animal because the cause of his injury can't be confirmed.

About 8 p.m. Sunday, a 26-year-old man reported that his foot was hurt while he was surfing in the waters off of Silver Shoals Drive.

San Luis Ambulance medics took the man to Arroyo Grande Hospital to be treated for what they described in radio dispatches as "numerous puncture wounds" from "an unknown marine animal."

But fire officials said Monday that they could not confirm the injuries came from a dangerous-marine-animal attack.

They could not confirm that the laceration the man - who has not been identified - was caused by a marine animal.

A number of local agencies that oversee Central Coast beaches have varied policies that call for advisory postings or declaring waters off limits after animal attacks or confirmed shark sightings.

http://www.sanluisobispo.com/news/local ... 60605.html

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