06/01/2008 Madi Taff ( South Carolina )

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06/01/2008 Madi Taff ( South Carolina )

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Local Teen Bitten By Shark
Wound Required 16 Stitches
Reported By Alan Frio

POSTED: 9:58 am CDT June 16, 2008
UPDATED: 7:15 pm CDT June 16, 2008

BRENTWOOD, Tenn. -- A Brentwood teenager had an encounter with a shark while on vacation in South Carolina.

Madi Taff South Carolina Shark Attack
Madi Taff South Carolina Shark Attack
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Madi Taff South Carolina Shark Attack
Madi Taff South Carolina Shark Attack
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Madi Taff, 15, was body surfing in waist deep water with her little sister on June 1 in Cherry Grove, S.C., when a small shark bit her foot.

At first Taff said she thought she hit her leg on a rock or was bitten by a large crab.

The teen was rushed to the life guard station and then brought to a hospital, where it took 16 stitches to close her wounds.

"At first I thought it was one shark that bit me twice really fast, and then the doctor said that it was just one big bite," said Taff.

The teen's dad, Russ, an award winning gospel singer, was reading on the beach, while her mom was in the condo preparing dinner.

"Of course when you hear shark bite you think like a leg was taken off or something,” said Taff.

"My daughter was saying, 'Don't freak out,' which to me freaking out would have been completely warranted with me running up and down the beach screaming," said mother Tori Taff.

Lifeguards who protect that stretch of beach where the attack occurred said the teen was probably bitten by a sand bar or a black tip shark.

Judging by the bite, doctors said the shark was about 5 feet long with a large mouth and razor teeth.

Sharks are regularly seen off the South Carolina coast, but emergency room staff and locals said they had never seen a shark attack until this case.

Taff's stitches were removed on Sunday, and she is back home and doing fine.

The chances of being bitten by a shark in South Carolina are one in eleven million.


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