04/28/2008 David Alger (Florida)

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04/28/2008 David Alger (Florida)

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Central Fla. Sees 10th Shark Bite

POSTED: 4:26 pm EDT April 28, 2008
UPDATED: 5:10 pm EDT April 28, 2008
David Alger Number ten shark attack Volusia county
David Alger Number ten shark attack Volusia county
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NEW SMYRNA BEACH, Fla. -- For the third time in as many days, someone has been bitten by a shark in New Smyrna Beach.

The most recent victim had an all too close encounter just before noon on Monday.

This bite makes 10 so far and typically the most bites occur in the summer so it could be an unfortunate record-setting year.

All 10 bites have been in New Smyrna.

David Alger, 18, is on his way to a nearby emergency room in New Smyrna Beach.

"I got off a wave and I just hit the bottom and as soon as I hit the bottom, the shark just nicked me in the foot," Alger said.

The shark took a good chunk out of Alger's left foot.

Alger will likely need more than a dozen stitches to close the wound.

Another surfer was bit Sunday, and Mark Pattison felt the pain of a shark bite Saturday morning.

"It just latched on to me and two chomps real quick. I kind of kicked my foot away and it just swam away," Alger said.

None of the bites this year has been life threatening.

"We have to keep in mind this is in no way an attack. This is nothing compared to the things that happen out in California. These are just little small lacerations and accidental bites," Capt. Rich Gardner of the Volusia County Beach Patrol said.

The water is murky and bait fish swim in huge numbers at the jetty. Young sharks often mistake arms and legs for fish.

This weekend was deadly because of rip currents. On Monday morning, more than seven miles north from where he went under, the body of a Sanford man washed up on shore. Beach patrol pulled 100 people from the rough water this weekend, but they couldn't get to 19-year-old German Perez in time.

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