01/25/2013 - Matthieu Cassaigne - Australia

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01/25/2013 - Matthieu Cassaigne - Australia

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Shark Attack French Surfer in Noosa, Australia

According to ‘Surf Session’, Matthieu Cassaigne (a long-term visitor from Montpellier, France) was attacked by a shark while surfing at Noosa in Queensland state on Australia’s eastern coast.

Matthieu Cassaigne Photo of Shark Attack wounds
Matthieu-Cassaigne_AUS-Jan2013_2.jpg (54.92 KiB) Viewed 8980 times

The incident happened on Friday, January 25th. He escaped with minor injuries to his upper chest and neck.

The victim is reporting that he was resting on the surfboard (lying on his back ) when the attack occurred. The shark grabbed the bottom of the board. Its upper jaw teeth bit on his neck, missing the jugular vein by a hair.

Matthieu immediately swam to shore, leaving his surfboard behind. Under shock and scared, he took his bag and wanted to get the next bus home. But his friend recognised the seriousness of the injuries and went with him to hospital.

Noosa is covered by Queensland’s Shark Control Program. Two shark prevention nets and three drumlines are installed at this beach.

Source: http://SharkYear.com
Photo Credit: Matthieu Cassaigne
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