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Re: 07/07/2011 Nicholas Vossler ( Texas )

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'Mum, start praying': Shark attack boy, 12, tells mother as he lay cradled in her arms
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A 12-year-old boy who nearly lost his foot in a vicious shark attack told his mother she should 'start praying' as he lay bleeding in his father's arms.
Nicholas Vossler had to be dragged away from the bull shark by a family friend off the Texas Gulf coast last week.
Nicholas - who has had four operations so far - is expected to make a full recovery and doctors are confident they have been able to save the foot.

Lucky: Nicholas Vossler had to be dragged away from the bull shark by a family friend
Speaking to MSNBC, Nicholas said: 'We were swimming in the surf just having a good time, waist deep in water and a shark came up and bit my foot.

'I was in real shock.'
His mother Alisha Vossler said when she first saw Nicholas in the friend's arms she 'knew it was serious.'
She managed to flag down a passing speed boat that whisked the injured boy to a waiting helicopter.

She said: 'When I put his head in my lap he said, 'you need to start praying.''
Nicholas' father Cecil said: 'I turned around and my friend Mark was holding Nicholas in his arms and carrying him towards me.

'When I saw his mangled foot and a lot of blood I knew God was with us.

'After the first shock we snapped out of that and you start thinking clearly.'
While calling for help, Mr Vossler took off his shirt and wrapped it around his son's foot to staunch the bleeding.

Speaking to the Star-telegram, family friend Mark Constien says his family was at Matagorda Island late last week when the boy was attacked by a bull shark in less than 4 feet of water.
Mr Constien told the paper how he held Nicholas up as his father tried to stem the blood flow.
He said: 'I was pretty calm about it.
'At the time it happened I wasn't aware there was a shark. I never saw it. I just saw that Nicholas was hurt and bleeding.'
He added that Nicholas was making good progress.
He said: 'He had a couple of surgeries and has a couple more to come.
'The prognosis for recovery is good. It sounds like he still has a tough road ahead of him.
'Cecil said he's expecting some of the surgery to go into next week, and he may be in the hospital for a week after that.'
Lance Robinson, a Texas Parks and Wildlife official said there was more chance of winning the lottery than being the victim of a shark attack.
He said: ' Humans are not on the shark's menu.'

If you or a loved one was involved in a negative sharky encounter please contact us!!!
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How would you deal with being severely injured by an animal that may have wanted to consume you or just parts of you? A shark attack can be a mindboggling event in a person's life. We know we have been there!
When reading about shark attacks from news sources, use common sense.
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07/07/2011 Nicholas Vossler ( Texas )

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12-Year-Old Boy Attacked By Shark
By Nefertiti Jáquez

updated 7/8/2011 11:16:00 PM ET

HOUSTON -- A 12-year-old boy was attacked by a shark off the coast of Sunday Beach near Port O'Connor.

"All I could think about was hurry up and get him to safety," said the boy's father, Cecil Vossler.

Vossler and his family were vacationing at their beach home at about 5 p.m. Thursday, when he said his 12-year-old son Nicholas was attacked by a shark.

"He said he felt it grab his leg ... I mean, his foot, and start yanking on it," said Vossler.

In seconds, he said the bull shark clamped its teeth into his son's left foot, nearly ripping it off:

"I had to put the skin back across his foot and take my shirt off, and get it wrapped because the arteries were bleeding out," said Vossler.

"My friend was right there with him, and he grabbed him -- as the shark was trying to pull him," he said.

Once he was pulled from the water, Nicholas was taken by boat to a waiting helicopter, which transported him to a hospital, where he is slowly recovering.

His father said the avid baseball and football player never even cried.

"When he got on the boat, he asked his mom to pray with him. Once we started praying, it was OK," said Vossler.

http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/43693982/ns ... ouston_tx/

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