09/13/2010 Jake Davies ( Australia )

Recent listing of shark attacks 2010 and Shark Attack Related Incidents in 2010.
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09/13/2010 Jake Davies ( Australia )

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Teen, 15, fights off shark in dusk surf

* By Nathan Mawby and Geoff Chambers
* From: The Daily Telegraph
* September 16, 2010 12:00AM

A TEENAGER almost had his leg bitten off by a 2m shark after a close encounter on the NSW North Coast.

Jake Davies, 15, was surfing with his dad and a friend near Fraser's Reef, near Iluka, on Monday night when he was attacked by the shark as he paddled on a wave about 5pm.

The shark grabbed on to his foot and pulled him down but the surfer kicked back and it released him.

The shark attempted two more attacks before the 15-year-old could ride a wave in and drag himself ashore.

Jake said it was a totally terrifying fight.

"I was just paddling and something grabbed me and there was a big shadow behind me," Jake said.

"At first I thought I had jammed my foot in a rock, but then I've thought that rocks don't close on either side of your foot."

He escaped by paddling on a wave while the shark turned to return for another attack.

"I got on my board and got out of there before it could come at me again," he said.

"I got out of there pretty quickly, but blood was all over the beach."

He was rushed to the emergency centre at McLean Hospital where he received a number of stitches and was treated for puncture wounds on his leg.

Despite the terror of his ordeal Jake has vowed that he won't let it keep him from getting back into the water.

"I've been surfing there for four years and there haven't been any attacks in 10 years so it won't stop me," he said.

Jake won't be returning to the water for the moment, with the stitches in his foot keeping him on crutches for a few weeks.

There have been a series of shark attacks off northern NSW in recent years, involving great whites, bull sharks and bronze whalers.

Last year, surfer Jono Beard had a 40cm chunk bitten out of his left thigh while surfing off Fingal.

And a 1.5m bronze whaler shark bit Zac Skyring at nearby Broken Head in July, inflicting wounds on his arm.

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