03/27/2010 Shorebreak ( Réunion )

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Re: 03/27/2010 Shorebreak ( Réunion )

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March 2010: A surfer attacked by a shark at St. Benedict
Clicanoo.republished February 26, 2012 3:42 p.m.
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SAINT-BENOIT. Olivier, aka Shorebreak is a true miracle. Attacked by a shark yesterday late morning on the spot Butor, this 34 year old surfer has defended his board, which bears impressive traces of aggression. He escapes with minor injuries to the hip. He says the "15 seconds of fear of his life".
How the attack was conducted?

Soon! I was just surfing quietly, about 40 m from the edge. The shark suddenly attacked me twice. To protect myself, I pushed it away with my board that has shredded the first time. Then he returned to the attack. We can see traces of the second attack on my board. I do not know if he touched me or not, but anyway, I still seem to have been raised for a while and I have minor injuries at the bottom of my hip. After the second attack, I took a foam to get out. I took advantage of this wave and swam with all my might, without stress, while looking around me. I saw him again. The whole scene took place in less than fifteen seconds. They found the two pieces of board on board in the afternoon.

Think you have been careful enough, while surfing the spot Butor, banned by the city?

It's been fifteen years that I practice surfing on this site and this is the first time I am addressing. Fifteen years of fun and fifteen seconds of terror (laughs). As I was alone, I was attentive enough. I must say that I anticipated attacks. I also accept that I was very lucky. Anyway, in this situation, we must be on guard every second. As in all sports, there are always dangers. For motorsport, for example, it is accidents. For surfing, it's attacks. We live with that! The sea belongs to everyone.

This is not the first attack recorded at St. Benedict ...

March 27, 2004, 6 years ago to the day, my neighbor and good friend Remi Lorion was attacked spot Station. We surfed together very often when he was still at St. Benedict. But now he is in the West. He immediately called for that matter, after hearing the news, telling me that it was the date of his ... sixth anniversary. We laughed a lot then philosophized about this strange coincidence.

Where is Shorebreak name?

It is a term well known in the surfing world, which means "wave board". And this is how my friends call me. Today is a wave that saved my life.

You still want to surf after all that happened?

I return to the sea Monday. But not in the same place. I will surf in the West. But, I must need a new board (laughs).

If you or a loved one was involved in a negative sharky encounter please contact us!!!
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How would you deal with being severely injured by an animal that may have wanted to consume you or just parts of you? A shark attack can be a mindboggling event in a person's life. We know we have been there!
When reading about shark attacks from news sources, use common sense.
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03/27/2010 Shorebreak ( Réunion )

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A man ( 'Olivier', 34 ) was attacked by a shark while surfing off Saint-Benoît,
on the east coast of the island Réunion.
The victim suffered minor injuries to his hip.
He used his surfboard to fight off the shark ( big chunck bitten out of board ).



Un surfeur attaqué par un requin


Saint-Benoît - Un surfeur de 34 ans a été attaqué par un requin, aujourd'hui en fin de matinée sur le spot de surf du Butor, à Saint-Benoît. L'attaque s'est déroulée en deux temps et a duré de longues secondes, durant lesquelles l'homme -prénommé Olivier, alias Schorebreak- a vigoureusement réagi en se protégeant avec sa planche. Cette dernière a été déchiquetée par la mâchoire du requin.

D'après Schorebreak, l'animal mesurait environ 1,5 mètre. L'attaque a cessé aussi brusquement qu'elle avait débuté et la victime est parvenue à sortir de l'eau. Outre une peur bleue, le surfeur domicilié à Bras-Panon s'en est tiré avec quelques très légères blessures à la hanche.

Longtemps délaissés en raison d'une interdiction municipale, les spots de Saint-Benoît commençaient depuis quelques mois à être à nouveau fréquentés par les surfeurs.

http://www.lequotidien.re/actualites/c- ... xtor=RSS-4

-Google translation:

St. Benedict - A 34 year old surfer was attacked by a shark, now in late morning on the surf spot Bittern, St. Benedict. The attack took place in two stages and lasted for many seconds, during which the man named Oliver, aka Schorebreak-reacted strongly in protecting himself with his board. The latter has been shredded by the jaws of a shark.

According Schorebreak, the animal was approximately 1.5 meters. The attack stopped as abruptly as it started and the victim managed to get out of the water. In addition to scare the surfer residing at Bras Panon escaped with some very minor injuries to his hip.

Long abandoned because of a ban municipal spots St. Benedict began a few months to be re-visited by surfers.

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