07/24/2008 Madeline Sinsley ( North Carolina )

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07/24/2008 Madeline Sinsley ( North Carolina )

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Madeline Sinsley shark attack at Surf City, North Carolina 8 year old girl

Parents believe shark bit their daughter in Surf City

Updated: July 25, 2008 05:17 PM EDT

SURF CITY -- A young girl on vacation is recovering from injuries she suffered while swimming at Topsail Island.

Her parents are convinced she was bitten by a shark.

8-year-old Madeline Sinsley was wading in the water off the coast of Surf City when the little girl felt something tugging on her foot.

Her mother, Kimberly, said a shark grabbed onto her daughter, and she had to fight to get Madeline's foot free.

Madeline is doing well and is all smiles today, but she did spend some time in the hospital for a two-inch gash on her foot.

A Smile after a shark Attack

8-year-old Madeline Sinsley on crutches after shark attack.

8-year-old Madeline Sinsley foot from shark attack.

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