08/24/2005 Tony Simmonson (California)

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08/24/2005 Tony Simmonson (California)

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Shark Attack: Scripps Pier, August 24th, 2005


On August 24, 2005, Tony Simmonson was surfing near the Scripps pier at La Jolla Shores, San Diego. It was 11:00 AM and he had been in the water about one hour. The sky was clear with an air temperature of about 80 degrees. The surf was running about 4 feet with a water temperature in the mid-60s and good visibility. He was about 30 feet from shore in water 3 feet deep with a sandy bottom. There was an undetermined number of dolphins in the area feeding on the thousands of baitfish that were schooling close inshore.

Simmonson recounted; “I had headed in for the beach and stepped off my board in about 3 feet of water. As soon as my foot touched bottom a shark bit me on my lower right leg, on the inside side near my ankle. I only saw it while it was biting me. Then it swam away. I reported the incident to the lifeguard on duty. I self-medicated bite with rubbing alcohol and bandage. It stopped bleeding after about 1/2 hour. It swelled up for several days after the incident. The shark was about 4 feet in length and dark gray with a stocky body.”

Photographs of the bite show three distinct tooth punctures on the inner surface of the right ankle. Interspace measurements suggest a juvenile white shark of the size indicated by the subject, about 4 feet.


California Scripps, LaJolla
Tony Simmonson M 37
Lower right leg lacerated 11h00
juvenile white shark


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