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06/24/2003 Hannah Hathaway (Florida)

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06/24/2003 Hannah Hathaway (Florida)

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Shark Bites Girl Off Cape Canaveral Beach
A 12-year-old girl visiting Florida to see the launch of the Mars Rover was bitten by a shark Tuesday afternoon off the Cape Canaveral coast, according to Local 6 News.

Officials said Hannah Hathaway was standing in waist-deep water near her hotel when her dad spotted a shark. He said it swam between several people and then bit the girl.

"She got bit by a little brown shark, I don't know what it was," James Hathaway said. "We were standing in water about waist deep, and I saw the fish come in on a wave, and we tried to move in, and she said she got bit."

Hannah had several circle cuts on her legs, according to the report. She was able to walk to a hospital.
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