01/17/2022 - Brian Mannix - Australia

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01/17/2022 - Brian Mannix - Australia

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Brian Mannix taken to hospital after ‘shark attack’ on Sam Newman’s boat

Rocker Brian Mannix, best known as the frontman for 80s band Uncanny X-Men, has been taken to hospital with an arm wound after apparently being gnawed on by a shark.

Posting to Instagram on Sunday, the 60-year-old revealed he was on Sam Newman’s boat with Warwick Capper and Ricky Nixon when he got into strife.

“It’s either Sam Newman’s boat or the bloody sharks!,” he exclaimed, showing a picture of his bleeding arm.

“Thanks to Ricky Nixon and Warwick Capper for jumping in & helping me.

“They are just gonna keep me in overnight, cos they reckon I’m sexy?”

Speaking on Monday, Mannix told The Herald Sun he “didn’t even know how it happened.”

“I went swimming and somehow I cut my arm up and the Wiz (Warwick Capper) jumped in and got me,” he said.

“Every time I go on the boat I end up coming home covered in blood.”

Newman joked that it was “uncanny” how often Mannix got into trouble on his boat.

“He came back with a reasonable gash and bleeding profusely,” Newman said.

“If he ever comes again I’m just going to let the coast guard know to have an ambulance follow us.

“People probably jump to conclusions that they’re affected by whatever.
‘Very well behaved’

“They are a loud and unruly crowd but very well behaved.

“I got the first aid kit out and bandaged him and I’d like the clips back.”

Last December Mannix ended up with an injured nose after taking a fall on Newman’s yacht.

The yacht was hit by wild weather, leaving Mannix with a nasty gash across the bridge of his nose.

“Sam Newman’s boat did this,” Mannix wrote on Instagram, showing his nose gash.

“Apart from the face fall into the step - not p****d.

“Really choppy water - boat rocked like Rose Tattoo! - it was a great day!”

We can only imagine what body part Mannix will injure on his next adventure on the high seas.

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