02/20/2014 - Kitesurfer - French Polynesia

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02/20/2014 - Kitesurfer - French Polynesia

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Kitesurfer bitten by shark in French Polynesia

Helmut Nickel, Shark Year Magazine,
23. February 2014
On 20. February, at about 16.00 hrs in the afternoon, a kitesurfer was reportedly bitten by a shark in French Polynesia.
The incident occurred in the waters of Huahine, which is an island located among the Society Islands.
A ‘blacktip reef shark’ is believed to be the involved species.
According to local media reports, the 21-years old surfer has suffered injuries to his lower leg / foot ( a ca. 15 cm long wound in the area of the Achilles tendon). He received first medical treatment at the hospital in Uturoa and was later transferred to Taaone for surgery.
Below is a video by Radio Polynèsie 1ère with a testimony of Luc Monté, who is the father of the victim.
Video - http://sharkyear.com/2014/kitesurfer-bi ... nesia.html
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