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01/06/2010 Dreice Chirino ( Florida )

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01/06/2010 Dreice Chirino ( Florida )

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Spearfisherman Dreice Chirino was bitten by a bull shark at Matheson Hammock Park in Southwest Miami-Dade.
The victim suffered injuries to his arm.

Jan 6, 2010 2:03 pm US/Eastern

Witness: Spearfisherman Bitten By Bull Shark

Dreice Chirino Was Spearfishing When He Was Bitten
Witnesses Said It Was A 12-Foot Bull Shark,



Professional spear-fisher Dreice Chirino is recovering at South Miami Hospital after his arm ended up in a shark's mouth. Wednesday night, he was set to have plastic surgery and will likely remain at the hospital overnight.

A 12-foot bull shark with some very big teeth left gashes in a barracuda and those same teeth bit into Chirino. He and his co-worker Lazaro Cabrera were in the cold murky waters fishing around ten this morning off of Matheson Hammock Park when the shark attacked.

Chirino grabbed a speared barricuda by the neck when the shark bit his arm. Cabrera quickly made a tourniquet out of rope, and sped his friend back to the Matheson Marina. It was a 26 minute boat ride; a scary one for both men.

In Spanish, Cabrera told CBS 4 Reporter Natalia Zea, "Imagine, I was worried because there was a lot of blood and he could have fainted or he could've gone over the side of the boat. He was in a lot of pain, because the wound was big. "

Fellow spear-fisherman Frank Fornaris saw them rushing in.

"All of a sudden I see my friend coming in, and his arm was just full of blood, the whole thing. They cut it open, he had scars everywhere."

Chirino's friends believe he'll be ok and they're not all that surprised by the bite.

"It's unfortunate it happened most every spear-fisher has a bull shark or another shark attack him at some point....you're going into their territory so you just gotta accept it or don't spearfish at all," said Fornaris.

Cabrera has been spear-fishing with Chirino for 14 years. He says they'll both be back in the water as soon as possible.

Zea asked Cabrera if he was afraid to go back out into the water. He responded, "No no no I'm going to keep working."

http://cbs4.com/local/Dreice.Chirino.bu ... 08512.html
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