We have added some new features! - VERY HELPFUL

Listing of the Shark Attack Related Incidents occurring in 2009. 2009 Shark Attacks
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We have added some new features! - VERY HELPFUL

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We have added some new features!

One of our sister sites http://sharkattackfile.info which hosts our Peoples On-line Shark Attack Related Incident File. This is an on-line interactive database of reported shark attack related incidents and our news archive we have tied them together for the 2009 incidents.

This should make finding Incidents which interest you much easier.

We have a summary of the 2009 incidents – This page will show you how many incidents have occurred in each country. How many of those incidents the person was injured, the person was harassed, or someone died, and if there were any sea disasters where multiple people may have died.

You can get the same summary of the USA 2009 incidents divided by state.

We have a Query page setup which allows you search all the 2009 incidents for the “Country”, “Area/State”, “Location”, “Activity”, and “Injury”. The results from the Queries you run have links to the News Archive.

If you only want to read about the incidents were the person was Surfing in Australia. You fill that info in the forms submit the query and you will get a brief description of each incident and a link to the News Archive where you can read more about each incident of interest.

Your can access these 2009 pages here...
http://sharkattackfile.info/worlds_tota ... totals.asp

Another new page we created is the 2008 Query page of all the incidents that occurred in 2008.

Every place we read about the 2008 shark attack numbers, they use the figures of (59) attacks with (4) of them being fatal.

As you run queries you will soon see a problem understanding how they came up with the above figures.

We suggest starting with something that should be simple there were only (4) fatalities try entering “Fatal” in the Injury field.

You can access the 2008 Incidents here...
http://sharkattackfile.info/shark_attac ... e_2008.asp

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