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11/30/2010 Olga Martsenko (Egypt )

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Re: 12/01/2010 Olga Martsenko (Egypt )

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SOURCE: tden.ru / December 09 2010 ( Link below )
Text translated via online translator.

Moscowite is still in serious condition in Cairo Hospital
after being attacked by shark.

Worse than the sharks:
Insurance company offers the victim of man-eating shark to
be treated at her own expense

DECEMBER 9, 2010.

The insurance company does not intend to pay the third operation
of the Russian tourist who suffered from a shark attack in Egypt.

The 21-year-old daughter of the victim started a battle with the
insurance company that refuses to help her mom.

48-year-old Olga Martsinko is in intensive care at a hospital in Cairo.

The woman's condition is still grave, the predator bit on
her left arm and left buttock.


Olga was first operated in Sharm el-Sheikh (stitched up the wound and
hand amputated). Then she was hospitalized in Cairo where a second
operation was necessary to close the gaping wound.
According to the daughter Lena, the surgeons decided to complete the
transplant during a second stage next Saturday.
However, the insurance company refused to pay for a third operation.
"They say that this is a plastic operation, so we have to pay for it ourself"
says the daughter.
"But in the case of my mother, we are talking about the complete closure of the wounds!
Now she can even see the bones!"
The poor woman can only lie on her stomach. She tried to get on her feet,
but nearly fainted from the pain.

Meanwhile, the insurance company assured that the issue of payment is now being addressed.
It's possible that the Egyptian government will pay for the surgery.


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11/30/2010 Olga Martsenko (Egypt )

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victim 1 ( December 1 ):
Olga Martsenko ( 48 )
one hand bitten off.

As information surfaces we will adjust the incidents, for now all related info can be found at

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