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06/25/2010 Carley Schlentz ( North Carolina )

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Re: 06/25/2010 Carley Schlentz ( North Carolina )

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Carley Schlentz
Carley Schlentz
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06/25/2010 Carley Schlentz ( North Carolina )

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Carley Schlentz (13) was bitten by a shark in North Carolina. She sustained bites to her left foot while swimming with friends near Topsail Island.

North Carolina Girl Survives Shark Attack

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5:34 PM EDT, June 28, 2010

GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) - A North Carolina girl survived a shark attack at Topsail Island last Friday.

Carley Schlentz, 13, of Greensboro, was swimming with friends at Topsail Island on Friday when she bitten by a shark twice near the top of her left foot. She said she was standing in the water with a few people just a foot away from each other when the shark bit.

"I felt like something grabbed my foot but then it got really sharp and it wasn't letting go," Carley said. "So I pulled away and by then it had already bitten me twice. Then I pulled it out (of the water) to see what it was and it was pretty bad. The ligament was spread out and you could see it."

"I really wasn't scared at first, but then I didn't think it was going to be a really big bite until I pulled it out and actually saw and it was completely open and blood was spewing out, and I really couldn't control it at all," she said.

Her best friend's stepfather quickly applied a tourniquet to the wound to stop the bleeding.

The rising 8th grader at Caldwell Academy was taken to Cape Fear Hospital where she received 60 stitches.

According to Angela Schlentz, the girl's mother, Carley is currently taking antibiotics and will be on crutches for two weeks while the wounds heal. Schlentz said Carley might need plastic surgery next year after the wound completely heals.

Schlentz is expected to be cleared to walk and play sports within two months, according to her mother.

http://www.myfox8.com/news/wghp-story-s ... 1836.story

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