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01/23/2010 Dr. Pat Lockie ( Australia )

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Re: 01/23/2009 Dr. Pat Lockie ( Australia )

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Shark attack at Thirteenth Beach

Jeff Whalley

January 26th, 2010

A BARWON Heads doctor ripped his hand out of a shark's mouth as he was attacked off Thirteenth Beach on Friday.

Dr Lockie thinks it was a tiger shark that bit him as he sat on his surfboard about 100m offshore at 7.30am.

"I was just past the break and this thing bumped into my right leg and pushed," Dr Lockie said.

"I reached down, I didn't know what it was, I reached down automatically and it grabbed my hand in its mouth," he said.

Dr Lockie said he pulled his right hand out of the shark's mouth, tearing his skin.

In a split second after freeing his hand, the shark's head then burst through the water, close to his face.

"It came up to me and I saw its head. I honestly couldn't say what I was feeling. It was absolute terror," Dr Lockie said.

"I thought 'that's an f'ing shark!' I kicked at it and in the process I fell off the board."

Dr Lockie said the terrifying moments in the water were not something he would soon forget.

"There were four surfers nearby who I didn't know. I yelled out for help that I had been bitten," he said.

"They said 'get on the board', but it had drifted away even though I had my leg rope on.

"One of the surfers actually grabbed my board and pushed it towards me and then I turned around and caught a wave back to shore."

Dr Lockie said he acted on instinct during the ordeal.

"I think I was more terror-stricken in the water and just went into survival mode. I was just hoping it wouldn't bite me again," he said.

"I wasn't calm at the time. The thing I still think about which might sound strange is the feeling of my hand in the mouth.

"When I got onto the shore I looked down to see if I was okay. I saw my hand had cuts on it."

Dr Lockie said a couple of strangers on the beach came to his aid giving him a lift home.

"I went inside and said to the children 'you'll never guess what just happened'," he said.

Dr Lockie was taken to Geelong's St John of God Hospital - where he is the medical director - for treatment.

He spent several hours with plastic surgeons, who patched up bite wounds to his right hand.

Dr Lockie played down his injury yesterday saying there were no major cuts. "I'm sure there are much worse industrial injuries," he said.

Dr Lockie said he would return to the surf as soon as possible.

"You have to get back on the horse. The chances of it happening again are pretty slim," he said.

http://www.geelongadvertiser.com.au/art ... _news.html
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01/23/2010 Dr. Pat Lockie ( Australia )

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A MAN has escaped with hand injuries after reportedly being attacked by a shark while surfing off 13th beach. --

Shark attacks 13th Beach surfer

Carl Dickens

January 25th, 2010

A MAN has escaped with hand injuries after reportedly being attacked by a shark while surfing off 13th beach.

It is believed a Barwon Heads man was surfing about 50 to 100m offshore from 13th Beach at 7.30am on Friday when he was approached by a 1.5m blue shark.

“He felt something next to his leg, thought it was seaweed and tried to brush it off…then he realised it wasn’t seaweed,” a source told the Geelong Advertiser.

“He tried to punch it to get it away from where he was but as he went to punch it, it got his right hand in its mouth.”

After a brief struggle, the shark released the man, who hurried to shore and was taken to hospital suffering bite marks to his right hand.

It’s understood the man spent much of Friday morning with plastic surgeons who tended to his wounds.

Surf life savers patrol 13th Beach from 10am to 6pm throughout January.

According to the International Shark Attack File, four humans have died as a result of blue shark attacks.

http://www.geelongadvertiser.com.au/art ... _news.html
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