02/14/2001 Female (Malasia) ***Fatal***

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02/14/2001 Female (Malasia) ***Fatal***

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arkbait2/14/2001 Female Fatal 20 nautical miles off Pulau Pangkor remains found in Shark Malasia Malasia


DNA tests carried out on the bones that were spat out by a s

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Feb.14.2001 Malasia
IPOH: DNA tests carried out on the bones that were spat out by a shark caught in the waters of Pangkor on Sunday have confirmed that they belonged to a woman. Read the story on the news section of the site.

A Lumut police spokesman said yesterday the Pathology Department of the Ipoh Hospital confirmed that the bones from a leg and hand belonged to a woman whose identity had yet to be ascertained.

He said the hospital also revealed that the woman had died about 10 days prior to the gruesome discovery made by fisherman Chia Nai Huat and three others in Pulau Pangkor.

On Sunday, the four fishermen were shocked when the 300kg shark caught about 20 nautical miles off Pulau Pangkor, spat out human bones after it was hauled out of the sea.

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