11/17/18 - Male 24 yr - Australia

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11/17/18 - Male 24 yr - Australia

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Surfing student bitten by shark on calf and hand at Seven Mile Beach

A man who was learning to surf was bitten by a shark in multiple places on the state's south coast on Saturday.

The 24-year-old Sydney man was attacked during a surf lesson at Seven Mile Beach in Gerroa, south of Kiama on Saturday after 1pm, according to police.
Police attending and investigating the incident on Saturday.

He was wading in waist-deep water, reportedly with a group of about 40 people at the time of the attack.

While walking through the water he felt a "forceful lashing motion against his legs", a spokesman for NSW Ambulance said.

He was assisted from the water by others nearby, who made a torniquet and applied pressure to the man's wounds to his leg and hand on the beach before emergency services arrived.

The beach has been closed on Saturday afternoon as police and surf lifesavers investigate.

The man was treated at the scene and airlifted to St George Hospital for non-life threatening puncture wounds and deep lacerations to his right leg and hand which pierced through his wetsuit, a spokesman for NSW Ambulance said.

The man said he did not see a shark at the scene, and there have been no reports of a shark sighted at the beach, according to a spokesman for NSW Ambulance.

But the bite marks have "distinct puncture wounds" which are consistent with a shark, a spokesman for police confirmed.

The specific breed of shark has not yet been identified.

He remains in hospital in a stable condition.

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