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11/15/2015 - Allen Engelman - Florida

Posted: Wed Nov 18, 2015 9:59 am
by alb
SINGER ISLAND, Fla-- A Singer Island surfer says he was bitten by a shark Sunday in the waters near Ocean Reef Park.

Allen Engelman now has 15 stitches on his left hand. He was about planning to go surfing when it all happened.

“I felt his head around my elbow. My other arm, I felt his peck fin,” said Engelman.

Less than a minute in the water, Engelman says a spinner shark latched on to his hand.

“I was grabbing on his peck fin trying to pull him off. And he let go and that was it."

For this life-long beach goer and fisherman, sharks in the water are no surprise and neither was a shark bite.

“I’ve been bumped a couple of times, close calls, but this time he got me," said Engelman.