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07/25/2015 - Damien Johnson - Tasmania - *** Fatal ***

Posted: Mon Jul 27, 2015 2:58 pm
by alb
Shark attacks and kills Tasmanian diver collecting scallops Australian fatal shark attacks in 2015

Man Killed in Shark Attack as Daughter Looks On
Sarah Begley @SCBegley July 25, 2015
The pair were diving for scallops

A man was killed by a shark off the coast of Australia while his adult daughter witnessed the attack from their boat.

The pair were diving for scallops off the state of Tasmania, the Associated Press reports. The woman returned to the boat with some of the catch, and when she looked back for her father, she saw a large shark attacking him.

A 15-ft.-long great white shark had recently been seen in the area, and it’s possible the same animal was responsible for the man’s death.

While sharks are commonly seen in Australia’s waters, they only account for an average of two fatalities per year in the country.