07/19/2015 - Mick Fanning - South Africa - No Injury

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07/19/2015 - Mick Fanning - South Africa - No Injury

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Mick Fanning attacked by shark at surfing competition in South Africa

South Africa: Surfing Competition Called Off Following Shark Incident

south-africa-shark-flagNews Release
National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI)
19. July 2015
Caution urged in Jeffreys Bay following shark encounter:
NSRI are urging bathers and surfers to exercise caution in the waters of Jeffreys Bay following an incident where a surfer had a near encounter with a shark while he was surfing in the J-Bay Open just after 3 p.m. on Sunday, 19th July.
The organisers of the surfing competition, WSL (World Surf League), have called off the surfing competition for today following the incident.
The surfer involved in the shark encounter, Australian Mick Fanning, and fellow competitor, Australian Julian Wilson, were picked up by the surfing competitions own safety boat and brought to shore without incident and no one was harmed.
While NSRI Jeffreys Bay are not attending the J-Bay Open in any official capacity NSRI Jeffreys Bay and the Emergency Services are on alert to respond to any incident. Caution is advised to surfers and bathers in the waters of Jeffreys Bay following this incident today.

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