12/07/2011 Richard Kohler ( South Africa ) No Injury

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12/07/2011 Richard Kohler ( South Africa ) No Injury

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Close Shark Encounter in South Africa

Man survives shark attack

By Regan Thaw, Eyewitness News,

07. December 2011

A Cape Town man had a close encounter with a shark in KwaZulu-Natal.

Richard Kohler was attempting to paddle the entire distance of South Africa’s coastline for charity.

Earlier on Wednesday his surf ski was damaged by a shark.

Kohler told Eyewitness News he was lucky to have escaped unharmed.

“I was in the boat and the next minute something knocked me over backwards into the water. I realised it was a shark, thinking my ski was a lot of fish. It was hungry and I was fortunate to come out unharmed,” he said.

Source: Eyewitness News
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