08/16/2011 Adam D'Esposito ( Tahiti ) No Injury

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08/16/2011 Adam D'Esposito ( Tahiti ) No Injury

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Shark attacks surfer in Tahiti

Shark Year Magazine, 17 August 2011.
According to the information site ‘Les Nouvelles de Tahiti’, an American surfer had a close encounter with a shark in Tahiti, French Polynesia, on August 16.
It is reported that the shark bit off a chunk of the surfboard, but the man was not injured during the attack.
He believes that he was attacked by a ‘grey reef shark’ ( Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos ).
The incident happened at a small pass between Te Ava Iti Vairao and Teahupoo on the south-west coast of the island .

Source: http://sharkyear.com/2011/shark-attacks ... ahiti.html
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