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01/04/2011 Boat (Australia) No Injury

Posted: Sat Jan 15, 2011 2:31 pm
by alb
Great White Shark Attacks Fishermen's Boat

Tuesday January 04, 2011

Sarah Gordon, Sky News Online

A group of Australian fisherman have been left shaken after a great white shark attacked their motorboat.

The men were fishing off the coast of Busselton in Western Australia when the animal began circling their vessel.

They managed to catch the shark on camera as it swam near the fishing lines before attacking the boat's motor.

The force of the attack caused the cameraman to lose his balance and almost fall overboard.

The shark was estimated to be about five metres long and it apparently left bite marks and parts of its teeth lodged in the propeller.

In the video the men can be heard describing the eerie image of the shark circling as "pretty scary".

One man panics when he realises they have left a fishing line dangling overboard.

Seconds later the men powered up the boat and drove off at speed. ... _Australia