11/05/2009 Eric Geiselman ( California ) No Injury

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11/05/2009 Eric Geiselman ( California ) No Injury

Post by sharkbait » Fri Nov 06, 2009 9:14 pm

Eric Geiselman was smashed off his board by a great white shark while surfing a beach called Lagunas, north of Santa Cruz.

Broken Board
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Here’s the story in Eric’s own words…

Yeah Jimmy!! Well thank God Im still here intact! I don’t even know how to describe it. Everything happened so quick! I was surfing with my brother Evan and Taylor Brothers at this wave called Lagoonas. The waves were shitty and it was raining. I wasn’t even that motivated to go out. Evan and Taylor were in typical grom mode and wanted to have a paddle. Jay Thompson and a couple other guys were out surfing too. Right before it was getting dark everyone went in except us. I was sitting out the back just waiting for a wave. I had my back towards the ocean looking straight towards the beach to line up when it happened. Out of nowhere i got attacked from underneath. My board broke instantly right underneath me from the crazy force and i pretty much fell through my board but somehow managed to keep the front end under me. I knew right away i was being attacked and sort of just went into panic mode. I actually kicked it to when I was scrambling to get away. I was screaming like a little bitch to my brother who was about 30 yards away from me. My leash was still attached to the back end of my board when i was scratching to get away but, I was to scared to even reach back and undo it! What was so crazy is we weren’t even that far off the beach. Luckily I made it in to the shore. My buddy Mike Lopez and Taylor’s brother Cavin filmed me scratching once they heard me screaming. All that you can see on footage. Somehow my board didn’t get a bite in it?? Luckily it hit me by my fins so I think that might of spooked it… It was definitely the scariest thing that has ever happen to me. Its crazy because it felt like a really bad nightmare. So scary to know how helpless you are in the water when something like that goes down!!! Thank God thats all that happened!!! I will send the footy too!!!



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