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05/10/2008 Jason Cull (Australia)

Posted: Sat May 10, 2008 1:59 am
by sharkbait
Man attacked by shark at Middleton Beach

10th May 2008, 11:00 WST

A 37-year-old Albany man is in a stable condition in Albany Regional Hospital after being attacked by a four metre shark off Middleton Beach this morning.

The shark attacked the swimmer at about 7.30am as he swam around 80m from the shore at Albany's main swimming beach.

He suffered lacerations to his lower leg.

The injured man was rescued by surf live saver and mother-of-one Jo Lucas who heard him screaming for help as she prepared to enter the water.

"I just saw someone thrashing in the water and saying 'Help me, Help me," Mrs Lucas said.

"I thought it was just a dolphin but someone else was screaming: He has been attacked. So I raced down there and got in the water and just before I got to him he said: 'It's got my leg.' I grabbed him and swam back into shore."

Mrs Lucas said there were "great big chunks missing" from the man's leg but he was calm and there was little blood in the water.

She said the man was a regular beach goer and had been swimming with a number of dolphins, which have been visiting the beach over the past few days.

Several other swimmers were in the water at the time of the attack.

Mrs Lucas said the shark had swum towards other swimmers after the attack but they had managed to scare it off by thrashing about in the water and screaming.

Local MLA Peter Watson was walking along Middleton Beach this morning and witnessed the events.

He said at least six other swimmers had been in the water at the time.

Authorities have closed Albany beaches between Emu Point and Ellen Cove near the scene of the frightening attack and no one is being allowed into the water.

Albany Sea Rescue boats are at present shepherding the shark back out to sea.

Albany police Sen-Sgt Roger Creamer said the swimmer was a fair way from the shore when he was attacked by the shark.

“He has sustained some injuries to a leg and was taken to hospital,” Sen-Sgt Creamer said.

Sen-Sgt Creamer said there had been a number of shark sightings this morning.

“The sea rescue guys are trying to push it out of the area," he said

The area where the shark attack happened was a popular spot for early morning swimmers.

“The call we got was that there was someone at the beach who had been injured and when we got there the ambulance was already there taking him away,” Sen-Sgt Creamer said.

Albany Sea Rescue vice president Rob Jackman told that a crew had been out on a rescue boat since 8.30am trying to escort the large 4m long shark out to sea.

Mr Jackman said the shark was proving difficult to move away from the beach.

“We are trying to shepherd the shark out to sea but at the moment we are having no luck. It just seems to want to swim around in the same spot, it chops and changes he swims out a bit and then he comes in,” Mr Jackman said.

“We are really just providing a bit of noise in the water to try and say go away you don't need to stay here… it's going to be a long long day.”

The shark is estimated to be about 100m to 200m off shore at Middleton Beach.

Mr Jackman said that there had been no other previous sightings of sharks in the area in recent times and it was an unusual time of year to see a shark.


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Posted: Sat May 10, 2008 2:01 am
by sharkbait
Man survives shark attack, woman swam to help

May 10, 2008 09:00am
A MAN has suffered leg injuries after being savaged by a 4m white pointer shark off a popular Albany beach. The swimmer was attacked about 80m off shore.

The 37-year-old man was swimming off Middleton Beach when the shark attacked at about 7.30am today.

The extent of the man's injuries are not known but St John Ambulance confirmed he suffered a bite to one leg.

Albany Sea Rescue Group is currently tracking the shark, which was described as a white pointer with a "belly the size of a 44 gallon drum.

Authorities have closed the beach until further notice.

The injured man is currently being assessed at Albany Hospital.

Senior Sergeant Roger Creamer said at least two other swimmers were in the water when the attack happened.

"There were other people in the water and on the beach and someone has called out that there was a shark in the water,'' he said.

"It appears a woman has seen the man in difficulty and went out to help him.

"I'd say that she was extremely brave.

"Certainly from the descriptions, it was a pretty sizeable shark with rather large belly.

"A shark of any size can do a lot of damage but a shark that big is does not bear thinking about.'' ... 20,00.html

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Posted: Sat May 10, 2008 11:08 am
by sharkbait
Jason Cull was attacked by a White shark at Middleton Beach, Australia

WA shark attack
Beach where Jason Cull was attacked by White Shark
Beach where Jason Cull was attacked by White Shark
jason_cull_shark_attack.jpg (4.68 KiB) Viewed 14611 times
Updated: 21:57, Saturday May 10, 2008
A man has been attacked by a huge white pointer shark off the coast of Albany in the south of Western Australia.

The four metre white pointer stalked a popular beach all day - while the 37 year old victim has undergone surgery in hospital.

Middleton Beach, is one of Albany's most popular tourist spots, and today was the sight of a vicious shark attack.

'In all of my years, I don't think I've seen a shark in the proximity of Middleton beach,' told local surf club member Tom Marron.

37 year old Jason Cull, a local teacher and surf club member, was taking a morning swim when a white pointer began tearing at one of his legs.

Witnessing the attack and risking her own life, Joanne Lucas swam out and dragged Jason in.

'I saw the fin and I just kept hoping that it wasn't going to turn around and come my way,' she said.

Locals are sure Joanne saved his life.

A spotter plane quickly began a search from above, amid fears there may have been more than one shark in the area.

Mr Cull is recovering in hospital after surgery to repair a gaping wound to his leg.

Middleton beach remains closed as the hunt for the predator continues.

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Posted: Sun May 11, 2008 4:08 pm
by sharkbait
Shark attack victim Jason Cull tells of ordeal

May 11, 2008 03:28pm
ALBANY shark attack victim Jason Cull has told how he plunged his fingers into the eye of a 4m white pointer in a bid to free himself from the jaws of the predator.
Jason Cull Australia Shark Attack Survivor
Jason Cull Australia Shark Attack Survivor
jason_cull_shark_attack_1.jpg (19.57 KiB) Viewed 14609 times
TERRIFYING ORDEAL: Jason Cull, pictured with his wife Nicola, talks about his horrifying encounter with a 4m white pointer off the coast of Albany. Picture: Stewart Allen

The 37-year-old father-of-two who underwent five hours of surgery at Albany Hospital yesterday to repair his shredded left calf, today relived the terrifying ordeal.

Mr Cull was yesterday about 80m from the beach during an early morning swim when the shark clamped its massive jaws around his left leg and dragged him underwater.

"It all happened so quickly,'' he said today from his hospital bed, flanked by his wife Nicola.

"I just saw this grey shape coming towards me.

"Initially, I thought it was a dolphin.

"When it came up and banged straight into me, I knew it was a shark.

"I was more concerned about getting out of its mouth because it was dragging me backwards underwater.

"I just remember being dragged along backwards.

"I was trying to feel for its gills but I found its eye and I stuck my finger in and that's when it let go.

The Great White continued to circle as Mr Cull tried to swim back to shore, trying to keep track of the shark as it turned its attention to two other swimmers who were further from the shore.

At one stage he lost sight of the Great White in the blood-stained water.

Just as he was beginning to tire and feel faint, Albany Surf Life Saving Club member Jo Lucas grabbed him from behind and swam him to shore where other club members began first aid.

"Thankfully she did. I do not think I would have made it the rest of the way,'' he said.

"At this stage I'm just grateful that the shark didn't come back for seconds.''

The shark that attacked Mr Cull was one of three large white pointers that continued to prowl the area again today.

Middleton Beach was closed yesterday and will remain shut until further notice.

Mr Cull is expected to make a full recovery .

"I would like to think I will go swimming in the ocean again but it will probably be a little bit of time before I go in again,'' he said. ... 48,00.html

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Posted: Thu Jul 24, 2008 7:45 pm
by sharkbait
Shark victim appeal

24/07/2008 11:38:00 AM

A CRICKET ball signed by Australian cricketer Glenn McGrath is one of the items that will be auctioned at a quiz night with a difference this Friday night.
The event has been organised to raise funds for shark attack victim Jason Cull to cover his massive medical costs.

Mr Cull had his leg savaged on May 10 by a white pointer while swimming early in the morning at Ellen Cove.

A member of the Albany Surf Life Saving Club, Jo Sharp, rescued Mr Cull from the water as two other swimmers scared off the shark as it circled.

Mr Cull, a teacher at St Josephs College, was taken to Albany Hospital where his leg was repaired.

Tables of eight at $8 a head are avalable for the quiz night Friday, August 1, at St Joseph’s College gymnasium.

Tickets are on sale at St Joseph’s College or at the Naked Bean Warehouse, Sanford Rd or Amity Tavern.

Organiser Kerry Oakley is also chasing more donations for the night and she can be contacted on 9841 4141.

All proceeds go to the Jason Cull Westpac Trust. ... 25583.aspx

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Posted: Fri Oct 24, 2008 12:27 am
by sharkbait
Bravery award
16/10/2008 11:16:00 AM
ALBANY’S shark attack hero Jo Lucas has been honoured with a state-wide award.

She was one of eight Western Australians who received a Pride of Australia 2008 Medal on the weekend.

Ms Lucas received the Bravery Award medal at a Kings Park breakfast last Saturday.

The volunteer lifesaver and member of the Albany Surf Life Saving Club won the medal for swimming out to save teacher Jason Cull after he was attacked by a shark in Ellen Cove in May this year.

Ms Lucas had arrived early for a surfboat row when the shark attacked Mr Cull, savaging his legs.

Despite knowing the shark was still in the vicinity, Ms Lucas swam out and helped Mr Cull back to shore while two other swimmers tried to divert the shark’s attention.

She said her surf life saving training automatically kicked in and her thoughts were only of saving Mr Cull.

“He made it so much easier as he wasn’t panicking,” she said. ... 35529.aspx

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Posted: Sun Feb 08, 2009 9:26 pm
by sharkbait
Jason Cull
Jason Cull
jason_cull_shark_attack_3.jpg (48.83 KiB) Viewed 14607 times