01/20/2007 Sibulele Masiza (South Africa) ***Fatal***

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01/20/2007 Sibulele Masiza (South Africa) ***Fatal***

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Tiger shark probably killed EC lifeguard

PORT ST JOHNS lifeguard Sibulele Masiza, 24, who went missing while bodysurfing off Second Beach at the weekend, was almost certainly the victim of a tiger shark.

“Judging by the circumstances of his disappearance and the flipper that was torn, it can only have been a tiger shark attack,” said Geremy Cliff, spokesperson for the Natal Sharks Board.

Masiza’s torn flipper was washed up onto the beach soon after he disappeared on Sunday afternoon.

Cliff said the fine serration on Masiza’s flipper could only have been caused by the cockscomb-shaped teeth of a tiger shark, which differed from other sharks such as great whites or Zambezis.

Tiger sharks are one of the most aggressive of the species, Cliff said.

He said Port St Johns was a popular spot for the small fish that sharks feed on. But even so, the incident was the first proven shark attack in the area.

According to Sharks Board books there were claims of three incidents – in 1951, 1954 and 2004 – but there had been no hard evidence.

Ironically, it was Masiza who was attacked in 2004. He had gashes on his legs to prove it.

Asked if the public should be warned about sharks at Port St Johns, Cliff said: “It is important that people are made aware, but you do not want to scare them.”

Khaya Mjo, chief executive officer for the Wild Coast Guards and Masiza’s superior, said the search for the missing lifeguard had been suspended, although they would continue to be on the lookout for his body.

http://www.dispatch.co.za/2007/01/18/Ea ... shark.html
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