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06/00/2007 Unknown (South Africa)

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06/00/2007 Unknown (South Africa)

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Diver on shark dive bitten on head

An incident happened out at Aliwal Shoal where a scuba diver was bitten on the head whilst on a shark dive.

One of the licensed shark dive operators had a group of divers down on the bottom viewing the sharks attracted by the chum that is used to draw these sharks into an area.

A small tiger shark, new to the area as he has not been seen before, swam down to the group and bit the man on the head.

He was right next to the dive supervisor.

The shark mouthed the victims head and then swam off.

No life-threatening injuries occurred.

SAS and SAVN did further investigation with South African contacts and

There has been two bites confirmed by a reliable SA source that there has been two incidents with tiger sharks at Aliwal Shoal but that the dive operators paid off the victims and told to keep quite.

Therefore it is being kept as quite as possible and out of the press.

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