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05/??/2007 Chris Milnes

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05/??/2007 Chris Milnes

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This statement was made following the VA. curator was bitten and will be listed as shark researcher bitten and not as an shark attack as with the VA curator.

Funnily enough I was kissed on the thigh by one of our blacktips just a few days ago whilst weighing and measuring her. Its certainly not news worthy of the press. Its simply an event that can happen when working with sharks, just as with machinery or something......and with sharks its always the human's fault (in this case mine) that it happened in the first place. I'm pretty sure its not a shark's predatory technique to be held upside down out the water. A further blame of mine in addition to having her out the water is that I must have relaxed my hold on her slightly without realising whilst counting her fin clips, at which point she had a little thrash that took her across to my thigh. It was more of a 'bumped into with her mouth' than a 'bite'. I still had hold of her the whole time, but the 2nd bite (or 1st really) came swiftly afterwards and got the bottom of my shorts.
It was more intentional but purely reactive to the situation I had put her in. Anyway, got my stitches within a couple of hours......done and dusted. It has made me love sharks even more though..........

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