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05/16/2007 Phil Tanner (United Kingdom)

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05/16/2007 Phil Tanner (United Kingdom)

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World's most embarrassing shark attack

A Folkestone fisherman has told how the world's most embarrassing shark attack left him with a nasty bite on his nose.

Tackle-shop owner Phil Tanner was attacked by a lesser-spotted dogfish after he reeled it in off the local pier.

He fought for five minutes to wrench the thrashing creature, a member of the shark family, off his nose, reports the Sun

Phil, 38, was left with a bloody gash and rows of tiny teethmarks round his nostrils after trying to show off his catch to pal Scott Allen.

He said: "I called out, 'Hey mate, look at this whopper'. But somehow Scott nudged my arm and the fish catapulted itself up to my nose with its jaws wide open.

"It clamped around my nostrils and wouldn't let go. It was agony and I was screaming. The fish didn't just hang on, either. I could feel it chomping its teeth as if it wanted me for its last meal.

"Everyone on the pier was watching me jumping up and down with a shark hanging off my nose. People were singing the Jaws theme tune - I've never felt so embarrassed."

Phil finally pulled the fish away and tended to his wound.

He added: "I probably did need stitches but I couldn't go to the hospital because I didn't want the doctors to laugh at me too. My mates take the mickey, but I am a shark attack victim. I could have lost my nose."

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