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12/25/2023 Julian McLennan New South Wales Australia

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12/25/2023 Julian McLennan New South Wales Australia

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Teenage Surfer Survives Shark Attack in New South Wales, Thanks to Friends’ Quick Actions

The serene Christmas Day on New South Wales’ Mid North Coast was shattered when a teenager, Julian McLennan, was attacked by a juvenile great white shark while surfing at Old Bar beach. Julian, a 16-year-old local, survived the incident with injuries to his leg, thanks to the quick response and courage of his friends, Alex Tobin and Will Anderson.
Swift and Courageous Response Saves the Day

Alex Tobin, witnessing the attack, acted immediately by wrapping a shirt around Julian’s leg to control the bleeding. Simultaneously, Will Anderson took the wheel and rushed the injured teenager to the hospital. The bite was perilously close to Julian’s femoral artery, and his surfing board’s fortuitous position partially shielded him from the shark, preventing a potentially fatal outcome.

Julian’s Ordeal and His Mother’s Gratitude

Still in shock, Julian plans to take a break from surfing, but vows to return to the waves soon. Julian’s mother expressed deep gratitude towards Alex and Will for their prompt and efficient response, and advised others against surfing or swimming alone. She stressed the importance of having a companion in the water to offer help in case of emergencies.

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Shark Attacks and Safety Measures

The incident follows a similar occurrence on Christmas Eve, where a 46-year-old man was bitten by a shark while windsurfing at Wedge Island, north of Perth. As a result, beachgoers are advised to follow safety guidelines provided by the NSW government’s Sharksmart web page to avoid shark encounters. The NSW Department of Primary Industries has been contacted for their comment on the incident.

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