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06/10/2001 A Applet or R Symens (Australia) ***Fatal***

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Families wait for news after man's head and limbs found insi

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June. 10.2001 Austral

Families wait for news after man's head and limbs found inside shark

A man's head and limbs have been found inside a tiger shark caught off Australia's coast.

The families of two men missing at sea are waiting for post mortem results to discover if the victim is their loved one.

Arthur Applet, aged 75, and Ross Symens both went missing close to where the shark was caught.

Scott Wilson and Mark Thompson caught the 12 foot long fish off Lord Howe Island, 440 miles north east of Sydney.

It was only when the sliced the fish open they made the grim discovery.

A police spokesman said: "There are two possibilities.But we are not speculating in any way shape or form until it can be confirmed by post mortem."

This is the latest shark attack off Australia's coast. Four months ago Mark Butler, 40, had his leg savaged by a great white shark as he surfed off the New South Wales Coast.

And 38-year-old diver Chris Hogan nearly lost an arm when he was attacked by a bronze whaler shark off the Great Barrier Reef in December.
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06/10/2001 A Applet or R Symens (Australia) ***Fatal***

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6/10/2001 Arthur Applet or Ross Symens 75 & ? Fatal Lord Howe Island Australia Australia
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