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04/17/2023 Carmen Canovas Cervello Maldives

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04/17/2023 Carmen Canovas Cervello Maldives

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Snorkeler Bitten by Shark in Maldives

A 30-year-old was bitten by a nurse shark while diving in the Maldives.

Carmen Canovas Cervello was diving at Vaavu Atoll when the marine photographer Ibrahim Shafeeg when they came across a school of nurse sharks.
“There were around ten nurse sharks, from 198 pounds to 220 pounds,” Shafeeg described.

Hoping to get a closer look the pair decided to dive in the middle of the middle of the school of sharks. After swimming with the sharks for 45 minutes without incident before one of the sharks decided to bite Cervello on her back and shoulder.

The wound was relatively minor and the pair continued on with their dive.
“After the shark bite, we thought nothing major about it as it was only a minor injury so we cleaned the wound and continued snorkeling at the same spot again,” explained Shafeeg.

Source: New York Post
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