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Re: 03/06/2023 Kaylanne Timoteo Freitas Piedade Beach in Pernambuco State, Brazil

Posted: Fri Mar 17, 2023 10:42 pm
by alb
Teen whose arm was torn off in 'shark bite capital' slams people 'filming not helping'

WARNING, GRAPHIC CONTENT: Kaylanne Timoteo Freitas, 15, had her arm torn off by a beastly shark after a brutal attack in a region dubbed the 'shark bite capital'

A teenager whose arm was ripped off in a region dubbed the 'shark bite capital' has slammed bystanders who filmed her rather than helping.

Gruesome footage showed Kaylanne Timoteo Freitas, 15, being pulled from the water on Piedade Beach in the Brazilian city of Jaboatao dos Guararapes after a brutal shark attack on March 6.

It came just one day after a 14-year-old had a massive chunk of flesh ripped out of his thigh 500 metres away, leaving his femur exposed.

Kaylanne had blood spewing from her arm and was taken to hospital for surgery.
'I thought it was someone playing a prank on me because there were many people around me,' she said

'Killer shark looked me straight in my face before mauling me to brink of death'mirror

Horrific moment shark mauls tourist to death just weeks after similar attackmirror

Speaking to local media as she recovered in hospital, Kaylanne opened up about the horrifying ordeal.

She said: "After 10 minutes, I felt two pressures. I even thought 'there's something here'.

"At the time, I thought it was someone playing a prank on me because there were many people around me.

"I still had doubts, I thought, 'this isn't happening to me, it's a nightmare'. I thought I was going to wake up. It was only in the ambulance that it sunk in."

Kaylanne said she was first bitten on the belly. She then tried to fight the beast off with her arm, which was when that was bitten too.

She was pulled onto the beach by a young lad where she waited for paramedics to arrive.

There, she said most bystanders pulled out their phones and started filming.

She fumed: "No one respected me at the time. I understand that it's something that everyone wants to record, to show what's happening, but at the time, I wasn't thinking about that, I just thought I was going to lose my arm for the rest of my life."

Her dad, Wilque Barros Freitas, added: "During the attack, there were people filming instead of helping, aside from the comments. That's what killed me inside."

Kaylanne has finally been discharged from hospital following reconstructive surgery and antibiotics. She has suffered postoperative pain as well as panic attacks, and her parents are looking to get her therapy for the trauma.

She said: "For 15 years of my life, I had my entire arm. I've been reborn and will have to relearn everything all over again."

The family is now fundraising online so they can buy a prosthetic arm and medication.

Kaylanne added: "I survived, and that's my greatest victory."

Swimming has been banned at Piedade Beach since 2021 due to the number of shark attacks.

Some 150 warning signs are positioned along a 36 kilometre stretch of the Pernambuco State coast that encompasses the beach.

The Greater Recife area, located on that stretch, is thought to be the most deadly shark attack spot in the world.

03/06/2023 Kaylanne Timoteo Freitas Piedade Beach in Pernambuco State, Brazil

Posted: Wed Mar 15, 2023 1:47 pm
by alb
Teenage girl has her arm torn off in savage shark attack – a day after a 14-year-old boy lost his leg in another mauling at the same Brazilian beach resort

Two teenagers needed amputations after separate shark attacks in Brazil
Both attacks occurred within a third of a mile of each other on the same beach

A 15-year-old girl had her arm torn off in a shark attack at Piedade Beach in Brazil.

Horror footage shows the moment her bystanders pull Kaylane Timóteo Freitas onto the beach and set her down on the ground with a bloodied rag covering what remains of her arm.

The teenager had her arm amputated at a nearby hospital and is reported to be in a stable condition.

The attack came only a day after a 14-year-old boy was savaged by a shark on the same beach, requiring the amputation of his leg.

Both attacks took place within 1640ft (500m) of each other at Piedade Beach, Jaboatão dos Guararapes, Pernambuco State, Brazil.

The 15-year-old girl is found in the water and lifted to safety by a group of men
People help get the girl further up the beach, away from the sea following the attack

According to the authorities, a medical team attended the teenage girl at around 1.20pm on Monday.

She was carried off the beach by first responders and taken to hospital by helicopter.

After undergoing amputation, Kaylane is said to be in a stable condition in hospital where she is awake and able to answer questions.

Andréa Caribé, who lives in a building opposite the beach, said: 'When I saw her, she was already covered in blankets and being taken away.

'Even after that, some people remained in the water. They [lifeguards] were pulling people out.'

Psychologist Andrea Caribe, who lives in a building overlooking the beach, said she was baffled to see people remain in the water after the attack.

She told local media: "They [the lifeguards] are pulling people out."

Swimming has been banned at Piedade Beach since 2021 due to the high number of shark attacks.

The Greater Recife area is believed to be the most deadly shark attack spot in the world.

The attack on Kaylane was the third off the coast of Pernambuco in two weeks.

On Sunday 5 March, a 14-year-old boy was left with his femur exposed after a shark attacked.

On 20 February, a surfer was bitten by a shark at Praia Del Chifre in Olinda.

The authorities pointed out that the beach has been a restricted area for swimming since 2021 due to the frequency of shark attacks.

There are 150 signs in the region warning of the risk of shark attacks and a state decree has been in effect since 1999.

The City Hall said they will schedule a meeting with the State Committee for Monitoring Shark Incidents to decide if new measures should be implemented in the area.
The girl is set down by people on the beach

As a rule, most sharks are not dangerous to humans. Of more than 300 species, only about a dozen have been involved in attacks on humans, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

The majority of unprovoked attacks are by great white, tiger and bull sharks.

The apparent increase in attacks is linked to rising human populations around the coast and the destruction of habitat.

In 2022, there were 57 confirmed unprovoked cases worldwide, 41 of which were in the United States and only five of which were fatal.