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02/21/2023 Andre Gomes Milagres Beach Brazil

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02/21/2023 Andre Gomes Milagres Beach Brazil

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MILAGRES BEACH, BRAZIL: Andre Gomes, a 32-year-old man, was brutally attacked by a shark at Milagres Beach in Brazil. The incident is the first after an eight-year-old girl survived a shark attack at Southwest Beach in the country on January 28, 2022.

The shark attacked the 32-year-old man while he was surfing. He then reportedly suffered severe lacerations to his left thigh and calf and was rushed to Restoracao Hospital. Gomes also underwent vascular surgery due to the same. However, he is currently in stable condition. Beach employee Mauro Mello told that Gomes was pleading, "God, Jesus, do not let me die," as he was led across the sand. He also claimed that he had to drag Gomes out of the sea by his waist. Mello added, "I wanted to take him out. The calf injury was the worst," as per News Times. Mello also claimed that Gomes is a frequent visitor at Milagres Beach despite a ban on surfing since 1999.

Similarly as previously reported by MEAWW, an Australian man was mauled to death by a shark in New Caledonia, following a series of terrorizing shark attacks. The witnesses saw the 59-year-old tourist being attacked by the shark after he was swimming near a crowded pontoon about 150 meters from shore at the Chateau-Royal beach, south of Nouméa, on Sunday afternoon, February 19. Though he was brought back to the shore through a jet ski and CPR was performed, he could not be saved as he died of his injuries. "There was blood everywhere, we could see it from the beach. So many people were in the water at the same time and they'd only reopened the beach a few days ago," said a guest at a nearby hotel.

What was the response from the doctor?
Dr Renato Suto, who is treating Gomes, claimed, "It was a shark bite. Very deep. It affects muscles and vessels. Any longer, he could have died. The important thing is that we get him (to the hospital) in a stable condition," as per the outlet. There have been at least 74 shark attacks in Pernambuco since 1992.

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