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02/24/2023 Samuela Kiniboi Taveuni Island FIJI

2023 Shark Attacks the Latest Shark Attacks and Shark Attack Related Incidents which include Fatal Attacks to minor injuries bites and attacks where the person fought an aggressive shark.
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02/24/2023 Samuela Kiniboi Taveuni Island FIJI

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Samuela Kiniboi,

A farmer player is fortunate to be alive after he was attacked by a shark while spear diving for fish at Ura Estate, Taveuni Island last Friday.

Samuela Kiniboi, 41, said he went with his nephew to catch fish at around 7am to organise a surprise birthday dinner for his brother-inlaw.

Mr Kiniboi said the attack happended so fast that he did not see the shark.

“I caught one fish and was trying to get it off from the spear when suddenly I felt something bite my right leg from behind, lifted me up in the air and threw me back in the sea,” Mr Kiniboi said.

“When I looked around I couldn’t see anything and swam fast to the shore.”

He said it was his nephew who alerted him that it was a shark.

“After that I fell unconscious and was rushed to Waiyevo Sub Divisional hospital where doctors removed the shark’s tooth from my leg and then transferred me to Labasa Hospital for further treatment,” the father of two children said.

“I just want to thank Jesus for giving me a second chance to live.”

He said despite all this he was confident to continue playing soccer.

Kiniboi is also a veteran player of the Taveuni football team and coach/ captain/player for Southern United Football Club.

“My sons aged 12 and 17 play for the Taveuni team Under-14 and Under-16 respectively and I am their inspiration,” he said.

“Hence, I would continue to play and support their dream to represent Fiji.”

He was forever grateful and thanked the medical staff ofLabasa Hospital for treating his wounds so that he could walk once again.
He was discharged from Labasa Hospital yesterday.

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