“A Shark bite is only one of many possible endings to a Shark Attack”
“An UNPROVOKED Shark Attack is only one of many types of Shark Attack”

When you see the words Unprovoked or Bite associated with Shark Attacks, someone is trying to hide shark dangers you may face should you enter the water. In most cases, the word unprovoked equals the number of incidents shared with the public. Any other type of Shark Attack is kept a secret from the public.

02/04/2023 Stella Berry 16 Western Australia Fatal

2023 Shark Attacks the Latest Shark Attacks and Shark Attack Related Incidents which include Fatal Attacks to minor injuries bites and attacks where the person fought an aggressive shark.
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02/04/2023 Stella Berry 16 Western Australia Fatal

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SHARK HORROR Girl, 16, mauled to death by shark after she jumped off her jet ski as she spotted a pod of dolphins

Shocked onlookers desperately tried to save her in the horror attack as she swam in the Swan River in Australia.

The girl was dragged to the riverbank by a man who jumped into the Swan River

The girl is believed to have been attacked by a bull shark

Police urged people to stay out of the water

The unnamed girl, 16, is reported to have been mauled around a mile and a half up from the river mouth.

She was pulled to the riverbank after a man jumped in to try and save her - but she sadly died.

It is believed the beast that attacked her was a bull shark - a vicious species which can often be found in rivers in Australia.

But there is not official confirmation of the species.

The teen had been reportedly riding jet skis with her pals when she spotted a nearby pod of dolphins.

The girl then jumped out to try and swim with the creatures - only for the shark to then attack.

The beast reportedly dragged her beneath the surface.

Cops and paramedics rushed to the scene at around 3.30pm local time.

It is reported there was confusion at first as she was so badly wounded police through she was hit by a boat propeller.

They attempted to save the girl - but she was declared dead on the beach.

Local resident Joshua Bank told The West Australian he saw the girl jump off her jet ski near the dolphins.

Another resident said they heard screams.

Earlier reports stated a friend - possibly her boyfriend - had jumped into the rescue her and that she had been playing on a rope swing.

But these have since been revised after further information released by police.

Fremantle District Acting Inspector Paul Robinson said: "It’s an extremely traumatic event for everyone involved and obviously, anyone that knew the young girl.

"What we’ve been advised issues with friends on the river, they were on jet skis, there was possibly a pod of dolphins seen nearby, and the young female jumped in the water to swim nearby the dolphins.”

Robinson added it was "unusual" for a shark to be so far down river, which flows from Perth into the Indian Ocean.

He said they do not currently know the species of shark.

Describing it as a "very, very traumatic incident," Robinson said the family of the girl, who was from Perth, were "absolutely devastated by the news"

It comes after dad-of-two Cameron Wrathall was attacked by a bull shark in the area two years ago.

He was bitten on his upper leg in the first attack of its kind in Swan River since 1986.

One local said they have noticed bull sharks coming close to the river banks.

He said: “It’s quite confronting. I always wear shark guards now."

It is the first fatal attack on the river in 100 years.

Fisheries Minister Don Punch said: "

“I am incredibly saddened by what has happened and I cannot begin to imagine what the victim’s family and friends are going through.


“We offer them our support but understand they will need time and space as they deal with this tragedy.”

A simple explanation of the word unprovoked is chosen to be shared. Each year shark attack researchers choose certain shark attacks they share with the public. The ISAF website states, “All of the data publically available on the ISAF website is from unprovoked incidents.” Ocean users, beware that the ISAF has 6800 incidents on file, with only 3292, or 47%, being chosen to be shared with the public. In 2019 they chose 45%, and in 2020 they only chose 44% of the investigated incidents.
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