“A Shark bite is only one of many possible endings to a Shark Attack”
“An UNPROVOKED Shark Attack is only one of many types of Shark Attack”

When you see the words Unprovoked or Bite associated with Shark Attacks, someone is trying to hide shark dangers you may face should you enter the water. In most cases, the word unprovoked equals the number of incidents shared with the public. Any other type of Shark Attack is kept a secret from the public.

07/04/2022- Kazuki Takahashi - Japan *** Fatal ***

Recent Shark Attacks in 2022 Latest Shark Attacks as they happen in 2022. We also include Shark Attack Related Incidents as they occur in 2022.
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07/04/2022- Kazuki Takahashi - Japan *** Fatal ***

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‘Yu-Gi-Oh’ creator Kazuki Takahashi dies at 60 following shark attack

Japanese manga artist Kazuki Takahashi has died.

He was best known for creating the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise and penning its manga collection.

On July 6, 2022, Takahashi was found dead just off the shore of Nago, Okinawa, by Japan Coast Guards who were investigating the scene after a passing boat reported a sighting of the body.

At his time of death, Takahashi had been wearing snorkeling gear; it was later confirmed that he had been attacked by a reef shark and died two days prior to authorities discovering his body.

According to Japan public broadcaster NHK, Takahashi succumbed to his injuries days before, but the Japanese Coast Guard officers are conducting an official investigation into the incident to rule out any foul play.

Takahashi, born Oct. 4, 1961, began his career as a manga artist in 1982 and published his first work in 1990, titled Tokiō no taka. It wasn’t until 1996 that Takahashi created Yu-Gi-Oh! and found commercial success. The Yu-Gi-Oh! manga series led to the creation of the trading card game that swept the world. Even after the manga’s official run ended, Takahashi continued to supervise its production, including specials and spin-offs that deviated from the main published storyline.

The renowned manga artist received the Inkpot Award from Comic-Con International for his outstanding contributions to comics in 2015. Three years later, Takahashi published The Comiq in Weekly Shōnen Jump.

Everyone at We Got This Covered is deeply saddened by the loss of a great manga artist, and we will be forever grateful for the existence of Yu-Gi-Oh! as Takahashi’s legacy lives in his incredible work.

A simple explanation of the word unprovoked is chosen to be shared. Each year shark attack researchers choose certain shark attacks they share with the public. The ISAF website states, “All of the data publically available on the ISAF website is from unprovoked incidents.” Ocean users, beware that the ISAF has 6800 incidents on file, with only 3292, or 47%, being chosen to be shared with the public. In 2019 they chose 45%, and in 2020 they only chose 44% of the investigated incidents.
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