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12/10/2020 - Jaedyn Wagner 15yr - Florida

Posted: Thu Dec 24, 2020 1:33 pm
by alb
Teen bitten by shark at Cocoa Beach Pier

Jaedyn Wagner, 15, was surfing around 10 yards south of the pier July 10 in murky water. Around 8 a.m. she caught a wave and headed into shore.

Once she reached the shore break, she hopped off her board, inadvertently landing on a shark. It grabbed her right foot, but her stayed calm and used her left foot to kick the grey-finned shark until it released her.

Wagner made it back to shore where her mother and coach at the time stopped the bleeding and treated her on scene before heading home. However, the incident hasn’t kept the Palm Bay resident out of the water, and she continues to surf.