08/23/2020 - Male 23yr - Florida

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08/23/2020 - Male 23yr - Florida

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Orlando man bitten by shark at Volusia beach is 6th victim this year

A 23-year-old Orlando man was bitten by a shark Sunday afternoon at New Smyrna Beach, according to a Volusia County Beach Safety Safety official.

The shark bit the man on the foot around 3 p.m. while he was standing in chest deep water, said Capt. Laura S. Warner. No one saw the breed of shark, she added.

The man’s injury isn’t life-threatening and he wasn’t taken to a hospital.

This marks the 6th shark bite in the county this year and the second one in less than a week at New Smyrna Beach. A 50-year-old Miami woman was bitten on the leg and ankle Thursday by a shark while bodyboarding. Her bites were considered minor, officials said.

Volusia County is known as the “shark bite capital of the world” for the comparatively high number of beachgoers that are bitten at the county’s beaches yearly, data from the Florida Museum’s International Shark Attack File shows. Many of these bites occur at New Smyrna Beach.

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