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05/31/2020 - Male - Bahamas

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05/31/2020 - Male - Bahamas

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Noname Cay, an unihabited island, is also known as Piggyville for its population of pigs. Swimming with pigs at Noname Cay has become a very popular attraction. Sharks are also attracted to such areas in the Bahamas; several people have been bitten by sharks and one was killed

NARRATIVE: A group of spearfishermen were in the water off Noname Cay. The spearfisherman had a fish on the end of his spear and was ascending to the surface when the shark came from behind. As the shark attempted to take the fish, it bit the spear and nicked the man’s hand. The shark released the spear, then turned back and attempted to bite the diver repeatedly who defended himself by punching and kicking the shark.
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