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06/01/2020 - Doug Moore - Hawaii

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06/01/2020 - Doug Moore - Hawaii

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Shark attack on Doug Moore in Hawaii Tiger Shark involved about ripped of his finger. Hawaii Shark Attacks

Shark bite reported on Hawaii

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has reported a shark bite at Davidsons Beach in Kaua’i

Doug Moore was surfing with his friend Ray Pigott in the turbid waters off the beach in Kekaha June 1. Around 8:25 a.m. he was in 4 to 6-foot-deep water when he felt a sharp pain on his right index finger.

At first, he thought it was a jellyfish but when he saw the shark called out “shark!”.

Pigott looked over at his friend and “saw the swirling, fins and some of the shark’s body,” he said on Instagram. He said the bite happened quickly and he yelled for Moore to keep an eye on the shark.

Moore and Piggot were able to paddle the roughly 100 yards back to shore and went to the Kaua’i Veterans Memorial Hospital. Moore needed 26 stitches to sew up his finger.

While the species involved has not been identified, locals suggested a tiger shark was involved. Piggot said another surfing companion got a good look at the shark and said it was an old scarred shark.

Following shark attack protocol, the DNR and the Department of Aquatic Resources have closed the beach for 24 hours. Shark warning and no swimming signs have been posted and department personnel will reevaluate the waters today for possible reopening.
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